Little Gallery Aurora Borealis

Some Aurora Borealis Pictures From 1952 (circa) @ W96 N58+

Picture Aurora B1This was a "live" photograph of
the Aurora Borealis. 
Click on the image.
Sorry, no sound effects. It was really quiet that night.
Aurora2 detailThis picture was taken a little later near the same place as the one at the left.  
To see more detail click on the  image.
Aurora B-3 For a larger picture and some information about this picture. Click on it.
You will soon see a larger picture even if you have a very quiet mouse that clicks inaudibly.
Aurora B-4The ball seemed to explode without a sound.
This is printed backwards; when looking north.The trees actually lean southwesterly, away from the west side Hudson's Bay.
Aurora B-5This was not expected.
After developing the film I  found the ball.
It could not be the moon
The stars can be seen in the larger picture.
Aurora B-6Clickon the picture for detail.
A clickon is not like a Clingon which sticks to the bottom of
Aurora B-7The brightness exceeded the brightness range of the film.

Super-XX, Hg sensitised to augmment the ASA speed rating
Aurora B-8Good band structure. To capture the subsequent ray structure would need a wide angle lens. only had an F2.8 reflex
Fast color film ?... In 1952!
Norseman's NoseLanding" Lake
Northern Manitoba, 1951.
Norduyn Norseman
Operated by Arctic Wings
Click on for an enlarged view.
Loading the NorsemanLoading to go to the Seal River. Someone had forgot to ship supplies for a prospector back in March (circa 1951 maybe). Click on to see the canoe on the pontoon.
Northern Camp SiteCamp site on Great Island in Northern Manitoba around 1951
Closer to the cabinProspector with visiting friends on Great Island in the Seal River in Northern Manitoba around 1951. Paul was in his early seventies.  

Serious commentary about the aurora pictures 'Plasma Balls'

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