Looking for hidden agendas, and conspiracies by the rich and powerful.
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Nearly all political parties must be fascist to some degree in order to be effective,
except of course our NDP who render themselves ineffective when political power
falls into their hands.

What are the Liberals plans for our future? What kind of mind set, seeks erosion of
individual "rights" in a backhanded manner? How fascist are the Liberals? What little
group thinks their interests are the best for the country? What is the price of prosperity?

We are safe because we know it can not happen here; because.....this is the best place
to live right now. How ignorant is your Member of Parliament on matters of personal
freedom. Unlimited personal freedom does not work very well for large groups. When
small groups seek power over large groups decision making criteria  must be looked at
carefully just to be fair and equitable.

When is a rose not a rose? When it is called a weed by your final authority on such
matters.When is a weed a rose? When it is painted red of course.

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