Canadian Pretends

You were warned!

Maybe this is not true history, maybe it is the story behind our records.

Pretend that this is not true.

Pretend that  you care.

(Minor change June 3/97 reflecting Election results)

A long time ago some settlers from Europe came to the Upper Ottawa Valley. The government of France saw fit to establish a seigneurie. A seigneurie was something like the Laird of McNab set  up at White Lake in Renfrew county. The seigneurie was too far away  and communications were not good and the settlers were pretty well forgotten and perhaps France was also forgotten by the settlers.

In this strange new land the settlers were welcomed and assisted by the people who had been living here from the times before France had Kings. They had evolved a culture that enabled them to live in harmony  with the environment. and were not dependent on the nascent technologies of Europe. The natives did not put a price tag on their friendliness; so it is OK if their kindness is returned by persistent attempts to destroy the last vistages of their culture. Punishing them for their lack of defence against our heritage of bigotry.

Our Liberal Government deplores human rights abuses in other countries, perhaps because Canada is the best place to live as long as you are not a real native. For over a hundred years we have failed to honestly address the concerns of these people. Some of my ancestors came here more than 300 years ago, but I cannot stomach it anymore....

Expediency dominates Integrity
Perhaps the heraldic artists will come up with an appropriate coat of arms, a subtle one of course.

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