When the brain runs free:

September 18, 1990, Edited Jan. 23, 2000

Equations were a wonderful discovey of men.
We make them work or dispose of them as inequalities.

Newtonian mechanics permit approximations.
All mechanics permit approximations, some are better than others.
If you find a good mechanic get him look after your car.

Time is not invariant. The speed of light varies. Untestable heresies.
Space/Time is non linear, or it is linear, who cares.
Everything is non linear and probably interdependent.
Space/Time can be supposed a planar structure with n dimensions.
Like the surface of the infamous Kline bottle. You can travel from any point
in space to any other point without crossing an edge. You can only get close
to where you were when on the other side of the single surface. If this is
real (true) what might happen if a person could cross the Kline barrier.

The world could really be flat. But it does not make any difference to us.
You cannot escape from the "plane" of space, as least not as a human being.
Or on escape, emerge as the same person if you did escape from the plane.
This plane I speak of is not a plane. The personal 3d/time model is a red
herring; we choose the measurements to substantiate that the earth is flat
or do I mean round or spherical. I like spherical. The same reasons apply to
the Cosmos. Except for very bright people(that does not imply intelligence). we only
have one model to work with, 3D & Time.

We still have an absolute past and an absolute future demarcation, We are
always at this demarcation. It is like a Dedekend Cut. It exists in our
minds. Otherwise the infinitely refineable and elusive Dedikend cut permits
us to understand continuity, which may not exist outside our consciousness.
Mental masturbation is not the sole province of mathematicians.
This demarcation may not be fixed, but absolutes are anomalies. These
absolute pasts and futures cannot really exist outside of or minds, because
when our mind was designed it was anchored to the present.
(How do I know that?). Bright people are searching for the anchor chain.

Words are an indispensable cogitation tool (or is it ratiocination) tool.
Reasoning with a blank mind does not pass the pragmatism test. It might even
be oxymoronic. Do I exist when I am unconscious? This is not a trivial question.

What am I saying?
"We fuck ourselves with words."
Ahem! The Olde Tsaeler said all that.

Addenda: Sometime soon I will write about the Parabolic Snap and elaborate on Klein bottle space.
It is now 01 April 2012

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