An unsolicited intrusive commentary,
which may contain errors in spelling, grammer  and fact.

Wellness is like goodness and happiness.
     I may not have the right tone. 

  I picked up a free copy of locally published Tone recently, to check if the articles were still as detached from the physical world as earlier on. I noted that the gross poetic licence with magnetics has been toned down.

Tone is a forum for the local consciousness raising community, which used to include Alternate Path cultures. The articles may not reflect the views of the editors.

It reminded me of a bit of Upper Ottawa Valley wisdom; to  the effect that; "Whiskey can make a sick man well, and it  can make a well man sick". The catch is to know where you are in the wellness spectrum. Another catch is to know  where you are in the Grand Scheme of things. (Almost impossible)

Reading Tone may bring some succor to
who contemplates the Universe and grows alarmed because what they have "learned" does not seem to work in their current environment. I believe the content of Tone could be called  teachings. Teaching  from all over our world and it is implied  teachings from other "worlds". With time the "answers"  found may wear thin; if for no other reason than the  entrophy principal
which implies that for each
answered, the information gained elicits
more questions; or 
there is an increased
capacity for
organisation. It seems obvious. 

To speed the process of stress reduction a
answer is a good panacea. Attribute
everything to
some force, which essentially
equates to a
manifestation of a supreme
It is noteworthy that access to the
"theology laboratory
has been restricted
to a handful of very holy men. In recent

times some holy women as well as holy men
had  access to the communication channel available in the "laboratory".  

Expanding bureaucracies are spawned by very holy people. This generally helps us to live together. But discrepancies by  the followers of holy men and women often sanction  hurting others despite the officially approved teaching.

Sometimes that is recognised as wrong,
like the Inquisition. 

The Alternate Path and Consciousness Raising cultures appear to be non sectarian.
The growth of interest in the
 wellness movement
parallels the defection rate of  former
church goers.
The bureaucracies of the well organised
  religions have not made a connection, do not care; or more
likely are waiting for a message from God before
 addressing that matter. It might be said that there is no problem, that it does not matter. But anything that cuts into  a revenue base must be a problem. 

People have been taught by major religious communities to  shun scientific method as an aid to reconciling problems of being. Then if you lose the faith there is no
place to go. 
The ancient animism provides answers to everything. There  is a place to go.
So there is no problem. When decisions 
are made for us, we are not encouraged to refine decision making methods. Surrogate decision
makers are a
political and religious necessity. 

We all need help at one time or another. Specialists are rewarded well. 

Tone mirrors a culture oriented to wellness in the most  broad sense of this new word. After a time some of those that find succor may again face distress. They will have to assess their own belief system, perhaps for a first time. It will be called growth. 

You have to be comfortable swimming or you will not get  across the ocean by yourself.
Of course some will find 
personal logs, rafts boats or airplanes. Out of body travel  is handy but communication via ethernaughts during out of  body travel seems to be ineffective. The threads seem to get broken. 

We cannot buy warranteed good dreams, but you can  make your own by working at it; but why bother... 

I am told that there are people that do not recognise satire. It is difficult to argue with what works. Science is really sophisticated pragmatism of necessity.

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