When asked twenty some years ago, "What do you call your business?"; I said I don't call it anything. Then I was asked; essentially what do you offer. Well, I provide Technical Services such as instrument design and prototyping and in support I maintain an Electronics Laboratory. So the temporary name became The Technical Services & Electronics Laboratory. Thus the initials or acrynom TSAEL. How do you pronounce TSAEL? was soon asked. After a moment I said the T is silent.

Naturally I was a (T)SAEL-er. When my youth was dissipated, I became The Olde Tsaeler. Now my fortunes could be seen in some ways as a bit like Samuel Tayler Coleridge's Ancient  Mariner. A very controversial character at the time. That is how this page got it's name.

One day I was setting  up a LISP  routine to draw spirals. Some spirals looked a bit snail shell like. Using only prinitive entities I drew a "snail". I did not recall very well just how snails really look. Someone commented that the snail looked sick. So I added a little "snail barf". That is where the puking snail came from. Sometimes it can be found on the wire side of printed wiring boards I have designed.

I am The Olde Tsaeler,  I am  NOT  The Olde Tsnaeler";  ugh!  No wonder the tsnaels are puking.

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